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The Edge Of Glory (Cahill Remix) on Greatest Hits by Lady Gaga
RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT on Rhythm of the Night by DEBARGE
Summer Of '69 on Reckless by Bryan Adams
88.9FM Radio UNO 88.9 FM Parranderos De Verdad RCN Radio Bogota Colombia on Greatest Hits by sep 16, 2017 12:10:58 PM
Great Britain on Greatest Hits by BBC World Service
Attention on Attention (HUGEL remix) by Charlie Puth
Cadena SER Genérico on Greatest Hits by Cadena SER Genérico
104.9FM Olímpica Stereo FM Gozatela Medellín / Medellin Antioquia Colombia on Greatest Hits by sep 10, 2017 2:54:37 PM

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