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Dime Porque on Anthology by Ismael Rivera
American V: A Hundred Highways by Johnny Cash
88.9FM Radio UNO 88.9 FM Parranderos De Verdad RCN Radio Bogota Colombia on Greatest Hits by sep 16, 2017 12:10:58 PM
me parte el corazon on los gigantes del vallenato EXITO by vallenato
A Ghostly Game of Death on Greatest Hits by The CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Look What You Made Me Do on Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift
That's What I Love About Sunday on The Journey (Livin' Hits) by Craig Morgan
Slow Hands on So Fresh: The Hits of Spring 2017 by Niall Horan
Still Feeling Blue on Greatest Hits by Pint & A Half
93.7FM Radio La Roja Estacion Incendiaria Cuenca Ecuador on Greatest Hits by Feb 27, 2017, 12:09:55 PM

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