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The Winner Takes It All on Greatest Hits by ABBA
Commercial Break on Greatest Hits by ad|main
No One Like Our God on No One Like Our God by Lincoln Brewster
Rio 70 on Cafe Lounge: Royal Iced Lemon Tea by Nylon
Paradise City on 1987 12 04: Dallas, TX, USA by Guns N' Roses
Karelia Suite Op 11 on Finlandia / Karelia Suite / Valse Triste / Der Schwan von Tuonela / Tapiola by Jean Sibelius
Drowning In Your Eyes on Greatest Hits by Ephraim Lewis (EE frame)
The Moon And The Sky on Kuschellounge 2 by Sade
Atlanta's News & Talk on Greatest Hits by 95.5 WSB
I've Got A Feeling on Greatest Hits by Black Eyed Peas

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