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Ship To Wreck on Oui FM Rock Awards 2016 by Florence + The Machine
Accende la citta' on Greatest Hits by Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli
Now That You're Gone on Sunday Driver / Now That You’re Gone by The Raconteurs
Devil May Care on Stairway to the Stars by Dana Lauren
Fernandez on Greatest Hits by COUPERIN
Rio 70 on Cafe Lounge: Royal Iced Lemon Tea by Nylon
No One Like Our God on No One Like Our God by Lincoln Brewster
TERE PYAR NE SANAM 1 on Greatest Hits by SANU
2004 06 06 (Only Dr. Drew) on Greatest Hits by Loveline
Paso La Vida Pensando on Ayer, hoy y siempre... by Jose Feliciano

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